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Burntfork Parish House Map burntforkparishhouse.jpg (277963 bytes)Site of Old Parish House 2001.jpg (86201 bytes) AKA International Order of Odd Fellows Lodge.

Also served as a Schoolhouse.

 Burntfork PostOffice burntforkpostoffice.jpg (268394 bytes)
George Stoll Place Map George Stoll House.jpg (268549 bytes)Stoll0013.JPG (58895 bytes)

Stoll0076.JPG (219313 bytes)

George Stoll Sr. homesteaded here in 1866. 

George Stoll Jr. Family is shown in first picture.

Ike Edwards; Orson Behunin
Zebulon Edwards place
Dave Edwards place
Ellsworth, Dick Ellsworth0001.JPG (67766 bytes)Ellsworth0016.JPG (49565 bytes)
Hutton Place; McCarty Place; part of Tom Welch (2nd place); John Briggs, Jr; Dick Briggs Map Hutton013.jpg (176676 bytes)Hutton014.jpg (218012 bytes)

Hutton001.jpg (197193 bytes)

H. Clyde Stewart place Map HenryClyde&CynthiaHurstinBurntFork.jpg (76931 bytes)ClydeStewart0002.JPG (57419 bytes)

ClydeStewart0001.JPG (45823 bytes)

ClydeStewart0011.JPG (280341 bytes)

1st picture shows Henry Clyde Stewart with his first wife Cynthia Hurst Stewart


3rd picture is from a painting by Snow Aldrige Stahlberg

Wyman Bench part of Tom Welch (2nd place); Bob Gamble place Map
Dave Gillis place; Mack  McGinnis; Willie Welch; Bill Smith; Austin Stevens Gillis_McGinnis0005.JPG (52011 bytes)Gillis_McGinnis0002.JPG (49100 bytes)
Art Hallett Place ArtHallet0001.JPG (54757 bytes)ArtHallet0007.JPG (59803 bytes)
Lee Russell Map
Muskrat Springs; Tom Widdop; Birnell Olsen; Goodfellow; Joe McDonald; Charlie Meeks;  Wade Stephens Place Map
Claude Sadlier; Ray Sadlier Map
Emma Sadlier House Map sadlierhouse.jpg (30811 bytes)Sadlier0002.JPG (37507 bytes) 1st Picture is from a painting by Snow Aldrige Stahlberg.

"Old Sadlier House" 

Ruel Triplett Place Map RuelTriplettPlace.jpg (92987 bytes)
Roadside Rendezvous Monument Map RendezvousRoadSideMonument.jpg (91602 bytes)
Zimmer Meadow; Benjamin Hill place
Gamble: John Behunin JohnBehunin0001.JPG (52132 bytes)JohnBehunin0002.JPG (59380 bytes)

JohnBehunin0003.JPG (66659 bytes)

Garibaldi "B" Gamble place; Earl Gamble Map Gamble0069.JPG (54763 bytes)Gamble0071.JPG (45647 bytes)