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Alden White Place Map AldenWhitePlace.jpg (66884 bytes)
Archibald Pulham; Bill Cox Place Map ArchPulham_BillCoxPlace2.jpg (55964 bytes)
Ed Aldridge Map
Bob Briggs Place Map bobbriggs000.jpg (83063 bytes)BobBriggsPlace8.jpg (65451 bytes)
Clark Logan; Dave Logan; Ed Tolton; Eli Briggs Place Map EliBriggs003.jpg (402506 bytes)

EliBriggs008.jpg (270200 bytes)

Eli Slagowski; Maroni Harris Place Map ViewWestFromEliSlagowskiPlace.jpg (99404 bytes)MaroniHarrisPlace.jpg (54549 bytes)
Old Red Schoolhouse Map redschoollhouse.jpg (282732 bytes)
Montoya Meadows; Phil Mass; William Pearson; Vincent; Frank White Place Map PhilMassFrankWhitePlace2.jpg (88452 bytes)PhilMassFrankWhitePlace.jpg (97204 bytes)
Phil Mass First Log Cabin 
Map phillmassfirsthome.jpg (98504 bytes)
McKinnon's first school on the Phil Mass place Map SchoolHouseOnPhilMassPlace.jpg (80799 bytes)
Reynold Heiner Place Map ReynoldHeinerPlace1.jpg (159971 bytes)
Showers; Alvin Smith; Glen Walker Map
J. J. Swink place; Tex Dorman place Map SwinkDugout.jpg (91825 bytes)TexDorman.jpg (69359 bytes)ViewSoFromDormans.jpg (55966 bytes)
McKinnon Schoolhouse Map whiteschoolhouse1.jpg (33415 bytes)
Woodrow White Place Map WoodrowWhitePlace1.jpg (47713 bytes)
1st Tom Welch Place; Mackay Land and Livestock Co.  
Downtown McKinnon (2001) Map DowntownMcKinnonWinter.jpg (97149 bytes)