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Thomas J. Anson Place Map Anson0023.JPG (38980 bytes)
Joseph Boynton Place Map BoyntonPlace.jpg (66928 bytes)ViewNEfromBoyntonPlace.jpg (48484 bytes)
Orson Behunin Place Map OrsonBehunin0001.JPG (39889 bytes)OrsonBehunin0002.JPG (60108 bytes)
Elijah (Lige) Driscoll Place Driscoll0086.JPG (35038 bytes)Driscoll0087.JPG (40544 bytes)
Burntfork School Map burntforkschool.jpg (319776 bytes)SiteOfBurntforkSchool2001.jpg (71235 bytes)
Will Stoll  Place WillStoll0090.JPG (51598 bytes)WillStoll0091.JPG (48405 bytes)
Harry Hudson; Mel Behunin; Derbridge boys; Francis Pearson Cabin Map HarryHudsonCabin.jpg (44663 bytes)OrigSiteHarryHudsonCabin.jpg (92804 bytes) This cabin has been moved twice. Click here for Map showing original location where Harry Hudson operated a Post Office as well as a tobacco and candy store from this cabin.
Robert & Tude Hereford; Henry Heiner; J. Clifford Anderson Ranch Map JCAndersonRanch.jpg (48259 bytes)
Charley Lyle; Dan Kelly Place Map Charley Lyle Place.jpg (344502 bytes)CharlieLyle009.jpg (190004 bytes)CharlieLyle003.jpg (139666 bytes)
Mack McGinnis House Mack McGinnis House.jpg (402194 bytes)
Hillrick Place Hillrick0001.JPG (140788 bytes)Hillrick0002.JPG (133643 bytes)Hillrick0006.JPG (107347 bytes)
Stiteler Place on Cedar Mtn near Sheldon Reservoir
Edna Stoll Place on Cedar Mtn EdnaStoll0001.JPG (152625 bytes)EdnaStoll0004.JPG (152433 bytes)
Ross Reed Ranch 
Robert Fosdick Ranch Map
Vorhee Pearson; Pop Eddings; Austin Stevens (West Place); Ron Smith Map
1825 Rendezvous Site Map