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Geology of the Burntfork Area

Mark J. Schoenfeld is a shirt-tail descendent of Robert Fosdick one of  Burntfork's earliest homesteaders.  Mark's wife is Robert's  great granddaughter.  Robert Fosdick married Maggie Mass, daughter of Phil Mass, which also makes Mark's wife the great great granddaughter of Phil and Adeline Mass, the areas very first settlers.

Anyway, all of the above has nothing to do with the fact that this kid (Mark Schoenfeld) from the streets of New York City, who started working on his masters degree at the University of Michigan and then transferred  to the University of Wyoming, decided to do his Master's Thesis on the Geology of the Burntfork Area.

The Thesis published in 1969 is available through the University of Wyoming Department of Geology Library.

With Mark's permission, the thesis is presented herein in its entirety.  

  Quaternary Geology of the Burnt Fork Area, Uinta Mountains, Summit County, Utah   

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Structural Controls on Dynamics of Alpine Glaciers of the Northern Uinta Mountains During the Smiths Fork and Blacks Fork Glaciations 

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Alvin D. Anderson's thesis published in 2008 is another great addition to the knowledge of the area.

Geology of the Phil Pico Mountain Quadrangle, Daggett County, Utah, and Sweetwater County, Wyoming

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Ron Counts and Joel Pederson enlighten us further with 

The Nonglacial Surficial Geology of the Henrys Fork, Uinta Mountains, Utah and Wyoming

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