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These two communities, while ostensibly different, through the years have shared many things; a remote geographical location (encompassing, within a few square miles, portions of 2 states and four counties), common schools, common post offices, common houses of worship, common social events, and uncommonly wonderful people.

So when the decision was made to dedicate a website to the hometown I love, McKinnon, there was no choice but to include it's "connected at the hip" older sister community of Burntfork.  McKinnon as an entity with that name did not exist until 1922.  Prior to that it was considered part of the Burntfork District and portions of the area which is now McKinnon were alternately and at different times referred to as "Coon Hollow", "Terry Town", and "Mountain Home".

Those of you who wish to delve further in to the history of this area, be sure to read the compilations herein made available "Links to the Past", "The Wyoming Woodticks" and "The History of Public Education in Daggett County, Utah and Adjacent Areas". You will be fascinated!