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The History of Public Education in Daggett County, Utah and Adjacent Areas

Donald Weir Baxter's Thesis is an invaluable contribution to the to knowledge of Burntfork and McKinnon history.  There were no shortcuts taken in the "and Adjacent Areas" portion of this treatise, for which those of us who are interested in the history of the area are most grateful.  

This Masters Thesis, published in 1959, reflects a great deal of effort and research.  Only 4 copies of the published thesis are extant. One in the  possession of the author, one in the Sweetwater County, WY  Library, one in the Manila, UT High School Library, and one at the B. Y. U. Library in Provo, UT.  

With Mr. Baxter's permission, the thesis in its entirety is presented herein.  If you find errors (typos, etc.) in the document they are no doubt mine and not the author's.