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Burntfork Cemetery
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Lone Tree Cemetery
Mck...East Cemetery

Location:  41 03' 18" North   110 06' 20" West

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Last Name First Name Middle Name Photo Comment
Bullock Evan B. EvanBBullock.jpg (124601 bytes)  
Bullock Harry G. HarryGBullock.jpg (112735 bytes)HarryGBullockFootStone.jpg (86235 bytes)  
Bullock Jared G. JaredGandMaryJBullock.jpg (120158 bytes)  
Bullock Mary J. JaredGandMaryJBullock.jpg (120158 bytes)  
Bullock Nancy Cathrine Johnson NancyCathrineJohnsonBullock.jpg (63480 bytes)  
Bullock Nute D. NuteDBullock.jpg (62426 bytes)  
Bullock Paul   PhyllisandPaulBullock.jpg (67816 bytes)  
Bullock Phyllis   PhyllisandPaulBullock.jpg (67816 bytes)  
Donohoo Ella W. EllaWDonohoo.jpg (104755 bytes)  
Fallon Mary B. MaryBFallon.jpg (63021 bytes)MaryBFallonFootStone.jpg (27736 bytes)  
Johnson Orvil D. OrvilDJohnson.jpg (48815 bytes)OrvilMercyJohnson.jpg (59369 bytes)SideViewJohnson.jpg (40510 bytes)  
Johnson Mercy L. MercyLJohnson.jpg (56537 bytes)OrvilMercyJohnson.jpg (59369 bytes)SideViewJohnson.jpg (40510 bytes)  
McGinnis Adelaide B. AdelaideBMcGinnis.jpg (122870 bytes)AdelaideBMcGinnisFootStone.jpg (68410 bytes)  
McGinnis Wm. Sr.   WmMcGinniisSr.jpg (147763 bytes)WilliamMcGinnisFootStone.jpg (82734 bytes)  
Odekirk Eliza Deutcher ElizaDeutcherOdekirk.jpg (47197 bytes)IsaacElizaOdekirk.jpg (105320 bytes)  
Odekirk Isaac   IsaacOdekirk.jpg (59704 bytes) Name plate is missing from the headstone
Person Unknown   UnknownPerson1.jpg (164377 bytes)  
Smith Marion B. MarionBSmith.jpg (64278 bytes)  
Valdez Clara E. ClaraEValdez.jpg (42188 bytes)ClaraEValdezfootstone.jpg (31275 bytes)  
Workman Emely   EmelyWorkman.jpg (49388 bytes)BackOfEmelyWorkman.jpg (79308 bytes)  

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